Burlington's Gigabit Opportunity

The community of Burlington, Vermont has a unique opportunity with the availability of gigabit-per-second symmetric Internet speeds through its municipally-owned fiber-to-the-home network (Burlington Telecom). Only a handful of communities across the United States have access to this caliber of super-fast connectivity. Gigabit is over 100 times as fast as both the average national broadband speed and Vermont's statewide average broadband speed. As the country's telecommunications infrastructure is expanded and Internet speeds increase, the window will close on our opportunity to leverage this resource for the full benefit of our community.

Gigabit represents an opportunity for our community to lead on issues of global, national, and local importance. Seizing this opportunity will require the leadership of individuals and organizations within the public, private, and non-profit sectors of our community. The plan presented in this document is designed to be implemented by the community, for the community.


BTV Gig has released a comprehensive strategy with tactics for Burlington to leverage this opportunity. The report features a foreword by Blair Levin, author of the National Broadband Plan. Download the full report.

Press Release: "Burlington's Gigabit Opportunity: BTV Gig Releases Community Strategy Document for Leveraging Burlington's Existing Gigabit Infrastructure" (March 20, 2013 Burlington, VT)